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Dilsukhnagar Arena's 13th Anniversary Extravaganza PDF Print E-mail
Dilsukhnagar Arena, India’s largest Digital Media Academy celebrated its 13th Anniversary at Hyderabad
on Sunday, the 17th of July, 2011.
VFX Experts, Animation Studio Heads, super-successful Alumni and other invitees arrived to a thundering applause from a 3000-strong gathering of students, parents and staff of Dilsukhnagar Arena. A string of enlightening presentations and enthralling performances added voltage to the electric atmosphere as the prestigious PRODIGI Awards distribution ceremony guided the day to memorable end.
Mr. Srinivas Mohan, VFX Expert of INDIAN ARTISTS and the force behind the stunning VFX of India's most expensive, graphics-laden, sci-fi blockbuster 'Robo', Mr. Naveen Medaram, Dilsukhnagar alumnus and VFX Expert at DOUBLE NEGATIVE STUDIOS, UK and Mr. Basireddy, CEO of DIGIQUEST STUDIOS, HYDERABAD graced the celebrations as Chief Guest and Guests of Honour respectively.
The celebrations commenced with a prayer and the customary address by Dilsukhnagar Arena CEO Mr. Raja Sekhar Buggaveeti while the Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour lit the lamp to set the ball rolling.

Mr. Srinivas Mohan, Chief Guest for the day, delivered a stunning presentation on the behind-the-scenes of the Rajnikanth blockbuster 'Robo' which he proudly exclaimed was a milestone in Indian cinema.

The behind-the-scenes footage, captured thoughtfully on the sets of the movie 'Robo' was screened specially for Dilsukhnagar Arena students. It was truly an incredible learning opportunity as students had the privilege of understanding the latest VFX technology being deployed in today's films by a VFX pro as acclaimed as Mr. Srinivas Mohan with an impressive body of work comprising the Kamal Haassan starrer 'Bharateeyudu', the Rs. 100- crore Rajnikanth thriller 'Sivaj' and the Genelia-Siddharth starrer 'Boys', to name a few.

More importantly, since audience are not privy to the 'behind-the-scenes' of films, which is typically considered private content and fiercely guarded, the fact that Mr. Srinivas was not just willing to share details of the making of 'Robo' but in fact treated aspiring VFX Artists of Dilsukhnagar Arena to an elaborate shot-by-shot screening of the graphic construction of the film made it a true privilege.
The in-depth 5-hour presentation which was staggered across the day took students on an exponential learning curve with many of them literally thanking their stars such a rare academic opportunity.
Mr. Srinivas Mohan was flown down specially from Chennai to deliver the knowledge-enhancing presentation as part of Dilsukhnagar Arena's round-the-year value-additions aimed at fortifying class-room learning and equipping students with the competitive edge in their careers. As a revolutionary Digital Media Academy with several path-breaking initiatives to its credit, Dilsukhnagar Arena students are widely acknowledged as the best-trained Digital Media talent: a fact reinforced by its sterling placement performance in 2010. For more on Dilsukhnagar Arena, please visit www.bestmultimedia.com

Mr. Srinivas Mohan later launched the 3D Animation Short Film 'Twisted' which was crafted by interns of DNA Inc. (Dilsukhnagar Arena Incubation) and addressed the students. He was effusive in his praise for the film and commended the student team for the outstanding quality, saying, the film is rich in emotional appeal which is essential to film making. The film is available at www.twisted.co.in

Recalling his humble beginnings and his initial struggle to make both ends meet, he said: "I worked as a lorry cleaner, an electrician and later a Cameraman. It was a stormy period and I gradually built my own career opportunities, the hard way". Reflecting on those challenges, he opined: "even if one has talent, one needs a platform to showcase it. That's where the careers of many deserving and talented Artists fail to take off.
Fortunately, for Dilsukhnagar Arena students, Mr. Raja Sekhar has created a superb platform for talent to thrive. I think DNA Inc. is an exceptional, results-driven CG internship initiative from Dilsukhnagar Arena and the remarkable quality of the student short film 'Twisted' proves this fact beyond doubt".

Fielding a volley of questions from the media on the Animation & VFX industry, he remarked:
"Over the last 6 to 7 years, Hollywood has been churning out scores of VFX movies riding on the wave of patronage for these technologically advanced methods of storytelling. India has now picked up the baton as our film makers increasingly employ VFX to enthrall cine goers. Citing the example of films such as 'Robo', he said, there is a huge market for VFX in India and well-trained VFX talent is the need of the day".

Mr. Naveen Medaram, an immensely successful alumnus and a worthy ambassador of Dilsukhnagar Arena's training excellence delivered a presentation on the Visual Effects of the Daniel Radcliffe starrer 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. He also screened a VFX montage of assorted Hollywood smash hits including Batman, Poseidon, 10,000 BC, Pirates of the Caribbean and other Hollywood films on which he collaborated as Visual Effects Artist.

He interacted with students and took questions from enthusiastic career aspirants. Reacting to one particular question on career building, he emphatically quoted his father: "even if you stitch shoes, do it so well that you are the best in town".

He congratulated Mr. Raja Sekhar on the occasion of Dilsukhnagar Arena's 13th Anniversary celebrations and said he was extremely proud to see his alma-mater Dilsukhnagar Arena which was a small institute in 1998, grow every year to become a world-class Digital Media Academy.

Commenting on the 3D Animation short film 'Twisted' crafted by students of Dilsukhnagar Arena, Mr. Naveen exclaimed: "the content and quality is simply world-class and anybody who harbours even an iota of doubt with regard to the view that India does not produce worhty CG talent is sure to change his opinion. I was blown-away by the film 'Twisted' and I can say with conviction that any Animation Studio Head who sees the film will be eager to offers job to the team of student from Dilsukhnagar Arena which crafted the film."

Mr. Basireddy, CEO of Digi Quest Studios addressed the students and exhorted them to chase excellence.

He encouraged them to pursue their career dream stressing on the fact that there are a definite job opportunities in the Animation & VFX industry.

The celebrations were punctuated by song and dance as the auditorium reverberated with the whistles and claps. Mr. Raja Sekhar thanked all the invitees and gave away the PRODIGI Awards to winners signaling the end of the most remarkable Anniversary Celebrations in the history of India’s Largest Digital media Academy.

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