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Cool Oceansplash 1.1.3 (Awesome Splashes for Awesome Animations)


Why Splashes:
1. It makes a scene look exciting, natural and adventurous
2. It minimizes the need for animation perfection, since a splash covers them all
3. Since splashes cover almost all the fine and most of the major animations for the splash making object, a lot of production time can be saved.
4. Maya ocean is not fully utilized because any interaction with it requires splashes to make them look meaningful, but producing them is an expensive process.

Oceansplash does all the above in the most cost effective way. It creates dynamic splashes in seconds rather than days and it does not require an expert to work on it either. Besides, the dynamic splashes depend on the animation of an object. i.e. if an animation is modified, splashes simply cope up with the new animation instantly. Creation, Modification and removal of splashes are simply painless and are achieved in seconds. With this plugin in hand, animators have no reason to rethink on the necessity of splashes in a scene, rather an animator would suggest to place them to make an animation more impressive.

Use the below link in case the presentation does not play.

DemoReel(oceanSplash Maya Plugin) from Jahangir Shaikh on Vimeo.


1) Interactive Create/Edit Interfaces

2) Independent and dedicated splash engines are built for every assigned object or curve

3) Splash engines can detect ocean/pond surface contact and can read precise wave movements

4) Splash engine for curves, emit floating particles that can be controlled by a shape/transformation controller curve

5) The plugin allows the user to switch off splash engine/s if required, when working on something else in the scene, and switch them on when needed.

6) Splash engine could be built for ordinary particles or nParticles.

7) Simulation settings can be saved as presets

8) The plugin allow to Export selected or All *oSp-objects from the current scene .

9) User can Import just *oSp-object/s to an Ocean/Pond of the current scene, or along with ocean/pond from the import file as is.

10) User can Import an *oSp-object multiple times to the same ocean/pond and they all work independently.

*oSp-object is an object that is assigned to oceansplash


Have fun!

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